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Havana hunting in Rio

The activity based fun before the madness of Carnival!!


It is weird, when I travel I almost always trust people..... it was only when myself and Moronski arrived in Rio and then got into car with a random stranger I thought, jaysus I should really ask a few questions before I willingly jump into a smacked up olds-mobile in a strange city at 10 at night.

Thankfully all went well... as in, we were not sold to the slave trade in our first 24 hours of leaving the Emerald Isle!!!

I rant below about the hostel we stayed in (travel dodges) so I'll avoid talking about it now. Out first few days in Rio were a blend of BEACH (no compromising with Erika (aka Moronski) on this and some activities!!)

With no help from our hostel - sorry it was just a s^&t hostel, we booked a city tour with a travel agent in Copacabana. It was brilliant, it covered all the entrance fees and we were carted around and told when to take photos........ wasn't in travel mode at this point of the trip so it was nice not to think!!


When in Rio so what the tourists do and buy Havanas..... now to be honest, they are pretty much the same price and same styles in every shop - there is no need to walk 47 blocks in the sweltering heat in search of a shop where one thought they were cheaper...... sorry Erika!!
Travel Tips & Dodges


1 Do a city tour in Rio - it covers everything in a day and you might get a hot guide... or you might get a creep who wants to bring you to Lapa - either way well worth the money (between 160 - 170 reals not including tip for the guide)

2 Go see the sunset on Ipanema beach

3 Make a plan to get out of Rio otherwise you might never leave


Don't stay in Mellow Yellow - I hate to dis places and I will rarely do it but this was the worst hostel I have ever stayed in and to be honest I wouldn't have the highest of standards (only in regards hostels - I am so picky in every other aspect of my life!!)
To back this up here are a few of my reasons:

  • I have never met such rude staff - we actually shared a room with them and some of them wouldn't talk to us let alone help us (Computer says NO)
  • I couldn't put my rucksack in my locker due to the whack of cat pea - Moronnski and I had to share a top locker
  • The owner joked and threw a kitten at Erika - funny now odd as hell then!!
  • One saving grace for the place though is they opened the bar early for me to watch Ireland lose to Wales (Ferris' non penalty!!)

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